Police did not have enough one and a half years to understand Pology of the train accident

Полиции не хватило полутора лет, чтобы разобраться в пологовской аварии поезда

In the Zaporozhye region, then dozens of people were injured.

27th July 2018 at the train station Canopies, the passenger train No. 277 by following the “Kiev-Berdyansk” collided with the locomotive. The blow was such force that cars were literally Bouncing up and down on the rails.

Then, according to official figures, injured 26 people, two of them needed urgent hospitalization. “Ukrzaliznytsya” immediately responded, saying that the locomotive has exceeded a safe speed.

Police do not have enough a year and a half to figure out whose fault the accident occurred. Investigators say that they need to get acquainted with the examinations and to communicate with many witnesses. The notice is still not handed to anyone.

Recently, the court extended the detectives, the timing of pre-trial investigation until the summer of this year.