Police found and dismantled a terrorist Poltava

Полицейские нашли и ликвидировали полтавского террориста

Photo Of National Police

On the night of August 1, Poltava region shot the attacker, who twice took police officers hostage.

As reported in the press service of the National police of Ukraine, the inhabitant of Poltava Roman Skripnik, found the night of 1 August in the village of Opishnya. An attacker more than a week hiding from law enforcement after he was taken hostage by a police officer. 32-year-old offender had military experience and survival skills in extreme conditions. In addition, the terrorist was mental disorders on the background of drug use.

It turned out that the suspect was hiding in an abandoned building. The room came the police captain, whom the Roman Skripnik took hostage. The man threatened to undermine the guard with a grenade. Then the sniper killed the attacker with a precise shot. The hostage managed to run away to a safe distance before the explosion of the munition.

The staff of the State Bureau of investigation check, whether the police exceeded their authority. At the same time, law enforcement officers have noted that the terrorist more than a week hiding in forests and fields.

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Полицейские нашли и ликвидировали полтавского террориста

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