Police held a sweet rescue

Полицейские провели милую спасательную операцию

An unusual rescue operation was recently carried out by the guards.

It all began 22 June at 09.30. Akimov Department of Melitopol police Department asked the residents of the village of Novodanylivka and reported that the irrigation canal noticed deer. Most likely, the animal was thirsty, it came down to the water and fell. Choose artiodactyls could not.

Arriving at the scene, local police officers, along with concerned citizens pulled from the canal of the steppe deer. The animal was exhausted, but thanks to the rescue action remained alive and unharmed.

Rehabilitation ROE deer was taken to a local farmer who is engaged in farming. After ROE gain strength, it will be released, according to the Department of communication GUNP in the Zaporozhye region.