Police killed 5-year-old boy Cyril Slavova: everything you need to know about the tragedy

Полицейские убили 5-летнего мальчика Кирилла Тлявова: все, что нужно знать о трагедии

Drunk policemen wounded 5-year-old boy in the head with a handgun in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi. By the evening of 3 June, the child died in Kiev hospital. What you need to know about the tragedy and what will happen to the perpetrators – read the material journalists of channel 24.

As patrol wounded a child?

May 31, in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi in intensive care got a 5-year-old boy Cyril with severe closed craniocerebral injury, brain contusion, internal brain haemorrhage, fracture of the temporal bone.

First, the local police claimed that 4 children were walking on the street, and a 5 year old boy through negligence allegedly slipped, fell on the asphalt and the stone, which received a head injury.

However, when in the hospital, the doctors made the operation a child, he discovered he had a gunshot wound to the head. Then the law enforcement officers again visited the place of incident and found the shell casings from the cartridges, cups and cans.

As it turned out, to the wounding of the boy involved two employees of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Department of police, which at the time of the crime was drunk. The suspects – Sergeant Vladimir Petrovets and Lieutenant Ivan Prikhodko.

They decided to shoot firearms on metal cans and other items near the place where we walked Cyril. One of the police shots hit the child.

What is known about the treatment and death of Cyril?

5-year-old boy was in a very difficult position, and behind him constantly watched by the doctors. The skull of the child was completely shattered, and the bullet struck one hemisphere of the brain.

First, the child was in a local hospital, and then he was taken to the tertiary neurosurgical center of Kiev.

Probably, when the police shot, the bullet trecastle, beat all the skull and lodged in the brain. The doctors are unable to get it. Did a craniotomy, removed all the bones and all fully biocidal. The head was left open, so not much engorged.

The doctors immediately called the boy’s injury not compatible with life. His condition remained serious but stable, the child was in a coma and on a respirator. Functions of the cardiovascular system was maintained with medication.

Unfortunately, the body little Cyril did not survive, and on the evening of 3 June, he died in the hospital of Kiev. Doctors to the last struggled for his life.

See the direct inclusion the correspondent of channel 24:

The boy’s mother Tatiana Slavova thanked everyone for their support during these difficult days and showed last lifetime photo of Kirill smiling.

Thank you very much for the faith, support and assistance. Did not our sun,

– she wrote.

Revision 24 of the channel expresses its sincere regrets and condolences to the family of the late Cyril.

What case was opened against the suspects and that they face?

After it became known that police wounded the boy from firearms, they were given notice of suspicion 2 the qualification of hooliganism committed by a group of persons with a firearm and causing reckless grievous bodily harm. In the houses the police raided and seized ammunition and weapons.

It is known that at the time of the crime they were out of service without a service weapon and was drunk. According to relatives of the child, the police were so drunk that could not remember who of them was shot.

After the death of the child, the Prosecutor’s office reclassified the suspicion to law enforcement authorities with hooliganism to murder.

Prosecutors of the Kiev regional Prosecutor’s office of the change of suspicion of a reclassification of the crime committed to murder. Suspicion tomorrow will be awarded to the two police in the Shevchenko district court this morning at 9:00, where they will be elected the measure of restraint. The Prosecutor’s office will insist on the detention,

– said the head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko.

Measure patrol will have to select district court of Kyiv on 4 June. Prosecutor demands custody of them without the right of bail.

Under the article of intentional murder suspect faces 9 to 15 years or life imprisonment.

Who have already resigned because of the murder of the boy?

After the murder the police drunk 5-year-old Cyril the chief of police of Kiev region Dmitry coens have submitted a letter of resignation. He asks in the area of the FOS.

I, as head of the police of the Kiev region, are responsible for the actions of subordinates, so I turned to the Chairman of the national police with a report about the dismissal from my post and please direct me to the hardest point of our state, namely the wasps,

he said.

The President of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev noted that the statement of price will satisfy.

In addition, the heads of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky division of police of the Kiev region was suspended from duty. Now the issue of whether to keep them in the ranks of law enforcement.

Rallies activists for killing 5-year-old Cyril

Activists are very outraged by the actions of the police officers who shot the kid, and called all concerned to gather for a rally under the Ministry of internal Affairs in Kiev.

Outraged activists came to the rally to make it clear to law enforcement that the case of the death of the boy to hush will fail, and facilitate the responsibility of the murderers.

“I was 5, how much will you give my murderers?”, so goes the slogan at the protests in Kiev after the murder of the boy, reports the activist Alina Bodnar in Facebook.

The activists also demand that the interior Minister Arsen Avakov has resigned. Because the responsibility for this murder lies not only in the two police, but the Minister of internal Affairs, thanks to which the police reform was defeated.

See the direct inclusion the correspondent of channel 24 with a protest near the interior Ministry?:

The reaction of the President and Ukrainians

A case of wound of the boy immediately took control of President Vladimir Zelensky. Even the head of state was ready to invite Ukraine to foreign doctors to help save the life of a child. Unfortunately, their help was not needed.

After the death of the boy the President expressed his condolences to the family.

5-year-old Cyril has died in hospital. Of course, nothing in the world can comfort loved ones. But I – as President and as a father, I can assure that will make everything that the guilty were punished justly. No softening. No attempt to hush up the matter,

said Zelensky.

After the tragic news social networks exploded with anger and demand severe punishment for the killers.

Полицейские убили 5-летнего мальчика Кирилла Тлявова: все, что нужно знать о трагедии

Полицейские убили 5-летнего мальчика Кирилла Тлявова: все, что нужно знать о трагедии

Полицейские убили 5-летнего мальчика Кирилла Тлявова: все, что нужно знать о трагедии

Полицейские убили 5-летнего мальчика Кирилла Тлявова: все, что нужно знать о трагедии

Полицейские убили 5-летнего мальчика Кирилла Тлявова: все, что нужно знать о трагедии