Police on Mars are impotent because of the abundance of crimes – experts

The colonization of the red planet will entail an altered blood composition, a new process of decomposition of the body and unexpected failure of the suits.

Полицейские на Марсе будут бессильны из-за обилия преступлений – специалисты

Experts claim that on the red planet, the wave of violence literally overwhelmed by the colonialists. The police are completely powerless because of the abundance of crimes, such as murder, blackmail, kidnapping, extortion, and burglary. According to the statement of experts, the third generation of the people born on Mars and never knew about life on Earth will be forced to defend yourself from vandals, thieves and saboteurs.

An archaeologist from the University of California and CSI Kristian Darwent long worked in the Arctic part of Canada. The expert is sure that extreme environmental conditions will become an obstacle to investigation on the red planet. The dry, cold climate and lower gravity on Mars will change the trajectory of the spray of blood if someone decides to kill. Also it will be impossible to track who has damaged the suit of the victim, leading to death. Special substances perchlorates contained in Martian rocks, can accidentally get into an oxygen tank. But experts were quick to rejoice that the police will lose their powers. The conditions on Mars allow biological materials to be stored on the surface of the planet forever.

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