Police opened fire on the car: “breaking the rules”

Полицейские открыли стрельбу по автомобилю: «нарушил правила»

In Cherkasy, police chased the car, and then began to shoot

The incident occurred in the town of Kaniv. There the patrol pursued the car and then opened fire.

It is reported that the guards saw the vehicle Renault Duster, which just “flew” through the city, breaking all the rules of the road. Militiamen began to pursue the offender and asked him to stop. However, the driver of the observation of the police did not react.

Moreover, he is not slowing down, continued to sweep through the city streets, and almost hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

According to police, when the driver and the pursuing, the inspectors went beyond the city, the people in the form of used firearms in order to stop the Renault.

After the first shots at the wheels, the driver stepped on the brakes.

The driver was arrested, he was drunk. It turned out that the citizen already had problems with the law and was convicted. Moreover, the man was also a suspect in criminal proceedings. It made the administrative Protocol and was released under house arrest.

Law enforcement officers now decide to change his measure of restraint to a strict.

As previously reported, pursuit with the shooting took place in the capital of Ukraine. The police were forced to use weapons to stop the SUV by KIA, the woman-the driver of which did not respond to the legitimate request of the police to stop and tried to escape.

The incident occurred in the Goloseevsky district of the capital. After several attempts to stop the runaway with warnings, police had to use weapons.

To stop the car, law enforcement officers have made about ten shots. After that KIA stopped, rammed the fence of a private house. Fortunately the chase with the shooting no one was hurt.

It is noted that the driver of the SUV was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The incident came six crews, police, forensic and investigative team.

Полицейские открыли стрельбу по автомобилю: «нарушил правила»

Полицейские открыли стрельбу по автомобилю: «нарушил правила»