Police said the exposure of the “activists” extort money

Полиция сообщила о разоблачении «активистов», вымогавших деньги

With the beginning of the year, the police exposed several groups of social activists in pursuit of crime, particularly extortion of money from citizens for the non-proliferation of defamatory materials, reported on the official website of the National police on Wednesday.

According to the report, among the exposed – the leaders of organizations “which have positioned themselves as fighters against corruption and arbitrariness of the authorities.” Nine of them have already reported about suspicion.

“Recently, the cases of complaints to law enforcement of citizens who report pressure to them by representatives of public organizations. Requirements are pretty simple: a certain amount of funds for conducting of measures aimed at discrediting individuals. Before you come to the businessman or public person convicted criminals prepared: we collect sensitive information on all family members, preparing fake materials compromising content and distribute them through controlled web resources. After the termination of such action, the attackers demanded money,” – said in the message.