Police shepherd Fluffy helped to find thief in Saki district

Полицейская овчарка Флаффи помогла найти угонщика в Сакском районе

In Saki region police dog Fluffy have helped to find the attacker, involved in the abduction of the car. This was reported by the press service of the MIA for the Republic of Crimea. Photo a press-services ministries of internal Affairs on RK

The duty of intermunicipal Department of the MIA of Russia “Saka” received a complaint from a local resident who reported the kidnapping he owns the car “Opel the Cadet”. The car was parked on the outskirts of the village near the old state farm in the village Mytyajeve.

To find the attacker, involved in the Commission of the crime, managed also thanks to the skills of a police officer-cynologist Nikolay Tishchenko, and also the sharp scent of his ward – a German shepherd Fluffy. Tailed Bloodhound by all the canons of “science dog” waste footprint length of about 900 meters. In the 40 metres from the scene service dog signal behavior outlined things suspect that he left a farm in the vicinity before you take possession of the car.

In the course of the dog’s movement was determined by the direction from which came the criminal.

Meanwhile, in the Saka the area was declared the plan “Interception”, in which the traffic police found the stolen car in Chervone village, Saki district. Police found that the car is in good condition, without any traces of accidents, from the salon, nothing was not stolen.

Service dog Fluffy managed by an experienced dog handler immediately smell identified that personal belongings, thrown by the attacker in the scene have to do with who the day before had been in the car. Next, using this information, the investigators within a few hours I identified the whereabouts of the suspect. Knowing where he came to the scene of the auto theft, the police found the probable place where he could hang out the most.

The attacker was previously convicted resident of Saki region in 1961. During the conversation with police, he confessed and made a confession.

Employees of intermunicipal Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia “Saka” in relation to men a criminal case on signs of the crime provided by article 166 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (Illegal occupation of automobile or other vehicle without the plunder purpose). The suspect is threatened by punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years.

The stolen car, the police handed over to the rightful owner, who thanked the police for professionally and quickly done job.

Полицейская овчарка Флаффи помогла найти угонщика в Сакском районе