Political scientist: Attack of the radicals and the prohibition of the financing of the opposition bloc – the links of one chain

Политолог: Нападения радикалов и запрет финансирования Оппоблока - звенья одной цепи

About the events around the meetings with voters of presidential candidate from the opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul on his page in Facebook wrote the political scientist Valentin Gaidai: “the hooligans who for the fifth year are called activists, began attacks on opposition candidates

We are talking about A. Vilkul, who today chaired a meeting with voters in the town of Mangush, Donetsk region.

Hayday reminds us to “” activists” blocked the room, where was held the meeting, which Vilkul had to hold a meeting with voters on the street.

“Let’s think logically: the population Mangushev barely 8,000 people. Will there be in a town this small, a sufficient number of people willing to disrupt the campaign train of the administration? The answer is obvious. Moreover, this situation was repeated in Berdyansk, where the same has been the politician”, he said.

According to him, one gets the impression that opposition candidates will now go teams of professional provocateurs and in the worst traditions of third world countries to interfere with meetings with voters and campaign. “This is what I said many times that the elections will be the dirtiest and most brutal in history. However, organized this provocation must understand that in the end they played plus Vilkul, because all the meetings took place and had tangible success.”

The Embassy also points to another curious situation that occurred that day, namely: the national Agency for prevention of corruption has suspended the budget financing of the Opposition bloc. “As the saying goes, “coincidence? I think not.” It looks like links in a chain called “system pressure the opposition.”