Political staff: Beaudin turns to the Legal Service

The debate that Évelyne Beaudin wanted about the presence of her political staff at the in-camera workshops at City Hall did not take place. And it was Mrs. Beaudin herself who asked for the withdrawal of the topic from the agenda.
C ‘is the councilor of the party Sherbrooke Citizen has chosen to rely, for the moment, the Legal Affairs Department of the City. She asked him to analyze the legal opinion she had produced on the issue.

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It should be remembered that Ms. Beaudin requested at the beginning of the year that her chief of staff and her press officer be able to attend the preparatory workshops for the city council meetings. In a vote taken behind closed doors, his colleagues refused him this privilege.

Évelyne Beaudin has therefore unveiled a legal opinion produced by Ariel Thibault, which recognizes the right to require the presence of its political staff.

“It is not excluded that elected officials discuss later, but for now, we felt that this was the best way that the Legal Affairs Department is addressing the issue. It allows for the debate on the right question. It was felt that the debate drifted on the existence of the political parties whereas it is not the bottom of the question. To refocus the debate on the substance of the question, we wanted the opinion of the experts of the City, “says Ms. Beaudin.

Should we see a sign that Mrs. Beaudin was not able to obtain the support of other elected officials? “I did not do the count. The problem is that the debate is not about the right thing. My question is whether the mayor’s political staff should be treated fairly with the political staff of the opposition. It should not be tainted by party color or independence. This is the kind of decision that impacts not only the current mandate, but also future mandates. ”

Ms. Beaudin recalls that the legal opinion of Mr. Thibault was a legal uncertainty on the supervision of the preparatory sessions.

“I would therefore like to know their opinion on the opportunity that we have to formally supervise the council’s preparatory sessions. The toponymy, environment, public safety, etc. committees all have clear rules. Why would not the committee where most decisions are made be framed in the same way? She asks.

The legal opinion commissioned by Évelyne Beaudin suggested that legal proceedings could be admissible. “Judicial proceedings should always be seen as a last resort. We must make sure that we start politics first in the political arena. ”

Beaudin does not retract about Berthold

Councilor Évelyne Beaudin did not apologize for her remarks about her colleague Danielle Berthold in the case of the white grubs. Berthold, who waved the specter of a defamation suit, did not announce his intentions on Monday.

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Mrs. Beaudin mentioned that she was uncomfortable knowing that Danielle Berthold was giving her voice to advertisements for a turf developer while she was involved in the file. She indicated that it would have been more prudent to consult an ethics counselor.

Ms. Berthold had demanded that Évelyne Beaudin retract by June 18 at the latest by filing a legal opinion demonstrating that she had not placed herself in a conflict of interest.

Citizen Pascal Cyr, during question period, asked who would pay if a lawsuit was filed.

Danielle Berthold, who did not wish to comment on the situation, said that she would pay the costs herself if a lawsuit were brought. However, she did not reveal her intentions.

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