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Полікістоз яєчників: симптоми, причини виникнення, діагностика та лікування - 24 Канал

The female reproductive system is very vulnerable. And if something goes wrong, it can affect the whole body. Polycystic ovarian syndrome may be one such factor. 24 Channel communicated by the surgeon-gynecologist, head of gynecology MM “Dobrobut” Alexander Popkov.

In fact, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is not a disease, considered as a complex of symptoms caused by disorders in the structure of the ovaries.

And if the disease can be cured, polycystic in the conventional sense, there is no cure. Women with certain manifestations may experience deterioration in quality of life. All you need is to correct its negative manifestations.

To understand what the problem is, we kind of dive into the anatomy. The ovary is a paired glands located on either side of the uterus. They perform two extremely important functions – the storage and the monthly maturation of germ cells and synthesis and release into the bloodstream hormones.

Symptoms and effects

Hormonal important thing, because there is no one system in the body, the functioning of which does not depend on hormones. They regulate metabolic processes, and their correct concentration depends a lot of features and appearance: the skin, hair, weight and the like.

Полікістоз яєчників: симптоми, причини виникнення, діагностика та лікування - 24 Канал
Symptoms of polycystic

In PCOS the ovaries there is a definite violation, and some women have formed the advantage of androgens (also called “male” hormones). Of course, that the woman becomes a man. But, as a result, weight increases, skin rash or increased fat content of certain areas and there is a significant body hair,etc.,
– said the doctor.

No better situation with the reproductive system – the sex cells that should Mature in the ovaries, then to be able zaplanina, just not ripe.

This leads to lack of ovulation, and without ovulation can not be pregnant. And instead of then disappear, as nature intended, the follicle (vesicle with the cell in the ovary) continue to exist and turn into the so-called cyst.


We copy a certain genetic type, in particular, a form of ovarian. This pathology may occur in adolescence, but do not hurry to put this diagnosis. This can be symptoms of adjustment functions. Usually adolescents with this diagnosis very carefully.

Of the symptoms of this period include irregular menstrual cycle (which we physicians, in accordance with the criteria allocated as a violation a year after the first menses (cycle less than 21 and is longer than 45 days) or menstrual cycle less than 21 days or greater than 35 days three years after the onset of the first menstruation. If a long delay, more than 3 months, are observed in adolescents is also irregular periods
– said the gynecologist.

Such violations can occur in adulthood and can be caused by quite different factors. Cause can become chronic endocrine pathology, infectious disease.

They can occur after any stressful situation – moving, exams, troubles in personal life, increased fatigue on the job. Quite often accompanied by an increase in insulin levels and weight gain.


Three out of four women who have this syndrome are not even aware of its existence. And learn about it more often by accident – for example, on the ultrasound when looking for the cause of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant.

Полікістоз яєчників: симптоми, причини виникнення, діагностика та лікування - 24 Канал
Diagnosis of polycystic

Diagnosis of polycystic can only be a complex character – it includes a medical history, ultrasound examination, gynecological examination, hormonal study panel. But we must remember that ultrasound criteria for the diagnosis of such condition for international installations in 2018, are excluded from authentic. So no need to hurry the doctor or patients with a severe diagnosis from the first study
– said the doctor.

Among the most important manifestations of PCOS include ovarian dysfunction (irregular menstrual cycle, lack of ovulation (and as a result – the inability to get pregnant) and excessive production of the body’s sex hormones – androgens, that is evident in the increased owolosenie, acne and cosmetic issues, which is the result of increased function of the sebaceous glands of the skin.


We already talked about the fact that sleeping to heal in the ordinary sense of the word impossible. All you can do is to alleviate or get rid of symptoms that interfere with.

If you want to establish a menstrual cycle then assigned to contraceptives.

In the case that interferes with PCOS to get pregnant, you need to stimulate ovulation drugs. Well, still need to get serious about planning for pregnancy and just be patient. Because such women can become pregnant just ovulation occurs every cycle.

Полікістоз яєчників: симптоми, причини виникнення, діагностика та лікування - 24 Канал
Treatment of polycystic

If worried about the problem of overweight, need to eat a balanced and not forget about exercise. It is not excluded that you need to evaluate your metabolism, endocrinologist for PCOS is often accompanied by the violation of the sensitivity of tissues to insulin. This leads to a number of secondary manifestations of excess weight.

If you have problems with the skin or appointed hormonal contraceptives effect, reduces these symptoms. You also need to consult with a dermatologist, cosmetologist.

The same is true of hirsutism (excessive hair growth on body and face), which occurs due to the increase in the body is a male hormone. It will help medications prescribed by the doctor and subsequently as a visiting expert cosmetologists.

There is an important caveat for those who have this syndrome – polycystic can be a triggering mechanism for the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. You need to watch your “modusvivendi” – a way of life.

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