Polytonality: Prospects for landing Poroshenko is almost gone

Политаналитик: Перспектив посадки Порошенко практически не осталось

Objective investigation of acts of Petro Poroshenko for the presidency would be the strongest vaccine for all Ukrainian rulers against the abuse of authority and top-level corruption, said political analyst Alexander Kochetkov.

Moreover, decisive action svejesobranna President Zelensky in this direction was necessary immediately after the inauguration and the appointment of Ivan Bakanova – “the sentence so the sentence”. The initiation of the investigation on the attempted usurpation of power through the imposition of martial law because of the provocative situation with the passage through the Kerch Strait. At the same instant, under any pretext, detain those who had the shadow economic relations with Papa.

Thus, the world leaders would be faced with the fact, the abuse of power by the Pope would be quite compelling, and watching the determination of the new government, many people began to cooperate with the investigation, whose result would be formed by a solid evidence base.

And here “world backstage”? The fact that Poroshenko is a carrier of sensitive information to Western leaders about their positions with the annexation of Crimea, with Russian aggression in the Donbas, at the conclusion of the Minsk agreements and so on. That is what counts and DAD, that is why the Western policy of “strongly not recommended” Vladimir Zelensky to prosecute his predecessor.

But the moment was lost. The main figures of potential cases against Poroshenko either escaped or bought off and integrated into the new government. The evidence base largely destroyed.

Of course, Poroshenko can be closed now. But then you have to act in the style of Viktor Yanukovych against Yulia Tymoshenko: rude, unsubstantiated, with obvious signs of political persecution. And for this scenario, Poroshenko ready, as this keeps it in politics for the right part of the electorate. Therefore, charges itself in the emergence of Thomas he just applauds. He’s not ready for what it will bring on the insignificant, non-political, but the absolute, like the abuse of power in the appointment of any official. But in this sense, already desperately willing our law enforcement officers, had missed the right moment when it was possible to obtain evidence in the form of confessions of accomplices.

In the end, hope for fair investigation of the actions of Peter Poroshenko have less. The new government fails in almost everything taken, and that is the vital – political reform, economic transformation and so on.

S – stability. P – consistency. B – hopeless.

Vladimir Zelensky
Law enforcement officers