Pompeo said “half a century of occupation” of the USSR of the Baltic States

Помпео заявил о "полувековой оккупации" СССР стран Балтии

The Baltic States were occupied by Soviet Union for 50 years, says U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in his video.

“In 1940 the Soviet Union forcibly and illegally annexed Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. During five decades of Soviet occupation, the United States remained faithful to the recognition of the sovereignty of the Baltic countries and defended their freedom,” reads the statement of the head of the state Department posted on Twitter.

The diplomat noted that during the entire “period of occupation” flags of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania “proudly waved” over the headquarters of the state Department in Washington, and after the “liberation” in 1991, the friendly relations between the United States and the three Baltic Nations only deepened due to shared democratic values and NATO.

On the eve of the foreign Ministers of the Baltic States urged the US to increase its military presence on its territory and opposed the withdrawal of American troops from Europe.

Moscow categorically denies the accusations of occupation of the Baltic States, calls such allegations are absurd and do not have any legal or historical grounds. The Kremlin also said that the compensation payments to the Baltic States for a “period of occupation” may not be considered.