Ponarovskaya: “Everyone is doing the lifting, but hide it”

Понаровская: «Все делают подтяжки, но скрывают это»

The famous Soviet singer Irina Ponarovskaya, which after many years, recently appeared in public and spoke about how she manages to keep the figure and face are in great shape.

As reported Newsmir.info in an interview with StarHit, the actress said that no one will ever see her faults, because she learned their masterful cover. Ponarovskaya stressed that for many years adhere to a particular diet: refused fatty foods, not eating meat, but sometimes allows himself to drink a glass of wine. She admitted that for years she observed a system of fasting, which now allows it to keep yourself in good shape. Ponarovskaya claims that he never resorted to plastic surgery, but said that all the celebrities are doing lifting, but hide it.

“Understand that no one remains forever young and active. You need time, quiet (English or not) out of your sight, that you remember only the good. Not how you got your looks or trembling limbs,” added the singer. In addition, she stressed that not experiencing any problems because of your age, the more that know, that looks much younger.