Popadantsy: Members show “Experience to remember” will try to repeat the exploits of the heroes of world war II

Попаданцы: Участники шоу «Пережить, чтобы помнить» попытаются повторить подвиги героев ВОВ

The participants of the second season of the Internet show “Experience to remember”, which started today on the official YouTube channel of the project, try to reproduce the exploits of the heroes of the great Patriotic war. In the first series of the season was attended by three Muscovites who had served in the Russian army, 24-year-old actor Elisha Nesterov and 33-year-old major MOE in resignation Sergey Vshivkov and cameraman Anton Dymochkin.

“Soldiers” of the project on time will become a tank and repeat the duties of a tank crew during the great Patriotic war. The participants had to make their own T-34 tank, download it 50 50 piercing and high-explosive projectiles weighing 5.4 kg and 9.5 kg, respectively, and fill in the disk stores 2 thousand rounds. Then the tankers had to drive 10 km in suburban forests, where they waited for new challenges – fallen trees, hit a mine and complex surgery to replace the tank caterpillars weighing more than a ton.

“Each machine had its own team that fought together, won together and lost together. We wanted to show how hard was the road of war for the tank&33;”says the show’s host Denis Kosyakov about the experiment with the T-34.

Shooting the second season started in the spring of 2020 and will be held in different regions of Russia, from the Udmurt Republic to the Caucasus, from Voronezh to Kaliningrad and in Belarus. Only in the second season of the project will be released 12 episodes in the genre of “docu-reality”. Participants will repeat 12 labor and military feats of the war: to raise from the depth of the gun, as it did in 1943 Anatoly Parfenov during the crossing of the Dnieper, to jump with a parachute and collect the tool on the ground as the Soviet paratroopers, to cross the river on a raft from a raincoat-tents, plow the field with a plow horse to beat mountain pass in the Caucasus and more.

The project “Experience to remember” is implemented by the company “New people”, which became one of the winners of the competition for the production of positive online content for young people. The selection is performed ANO “Institute for the development of the Internet” with the support of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs in the framework of realization of Federal project “Digital culture” of the national project “Culture”.

The episodes of the show will be released on YouTube and sites of the project every three weeks. The final series of the season will be shown on November 18.

Попаданцы: Участники шоу «Пережить, чтобы помнить» попытаются повторить подвиги героев ВОВ

Попаданцы: Участники шоу «Пережить, чтобы помнить» попытаются повторить подвиги героев ВОВ