Pope defrocked two bishops over allegations of pedophilia – 24 Channel

Папа Римський позбавив сану двох єпископів через звинувачення у педофілії - 24 Канал

Pope Francis has deprived the clergy of the two Chilean bishops accused of sexually abusing minors.

This was reported by the Agency AR.

It is noted that in order to demonstrate its transparent policy regarding the global crisis of sexual violence in the Church, the Pontiff publicly explained why he deprived the bishops of Francisco Jose Cox and Iquique Marco Antonio Sana.

The actions of the Pope associated with the scandal in the Catholic Church of Chile in connection with the allegations of sexual harassment against minors, against nearly 80 local priests.

In August 2018 in Chile was opened 119 cases of sexual crimes, the suspects which are the clergy and other Church-affiliated people.

Recall, during his first visit to Ireland nearly 40 years on 27 August, Pope Francis asked forgiveness for the heinous sins of the Church, in particular, for the sexual abuse of children by clergy.

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