Pope Francis honored the memory of victims of the Holocaust and repression

Папа Франциск почтил память жертв Холокоста и репрессий

That “the lessons of the past are not forgotten, peace and tranquility for the people of Lithuania” prayed Pope Francis, who is on an Apostolic visit to Lithuania.

The head of the Catholic Church visited the Museum of occupation and fight for freedom and paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the Nazi regime and Stalinist repression. During the Second world war, the Museum building was the Gestapo, and then – in Soviet times – prison for swedenconsulate and political prisoners.

The Pope visited the cell for interrogation and torture and in the hall of executions. “Cry the Lord heard until now within these walls <…> may he not allow us to forget the suffering, “he wrote in the guest book of the Museum.

On September 23 in Lithuania, declared the Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust. They were devoted to the Pope’s Sunday sermon.

From a place of events our correspondent Claudio Lavanga:“Pope Francis visited the ghetto, which 75 years ago was St, herto to the ground by the Nazis. Of the 60 000 Lithuanian Jews who were forced to move there in 1941, only 2,000 survived. The Pontiff stopped and in complete in silence to offer a prayer in memory of those whose voices are forever silenced in this place”.

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