Popular application abnormally quickly drains the battery iPhone

Популярное приложение аномально быстро разряжает iPhone

Популярное приложение аномально быстро разряжает iPhone

Some iPhone users have noticed that the brand Apple Music abnormally fast draining of their smart phones. What some of them claim that does not even run the app.

One of the owners of iPhone 11 (released in 2019) stated that the smartphone was quickly discharged almost immediately out of the box, reports Mydrivers.

The user found that the problem with the Apple Music app – it consumes 95% of the battery life. By the way, this service, the iPhone owner is not even used. This smartphone is very strongly heated up.

Another iPhone user X also noticed a strong relaxation of the smartphone after updating to iOS 13.5.1. According to him, the smartphone have to restart several times a day in order to be able to use it.

The decision

In General, this problem arises in many iPhone models different years of release. The situation is not correct even update because of complaints from users of the latest versions of iOS and iOS 13.4 14 beta. This problem was faced even iPad owners.

Therefore, the only way to solve the problem – deleting the Apple Music.

The issue is already know to Apple. There now see the only way to rollback to factory settings.

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