Popular front has denied the departure of Yatsenyuk abroad

"Народный фронт" опроверг выезд Яценюка за границу

The party has published photos with their leader from today’s meeting.

The press service of the party “national front” again refute the absurd fakes on the departure of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk abroad.

On the page “popular front” in Facebook posted a photo of Arseniy Yatsenyuk with the current faction of the NF.

In the article it is noted that the Russian edition had published “absurd fake Yatsenuk and his family: “Another lie that Arseniy Yatsenyuk went abroad, and his family members have foreign citizenship and passports.”

“Nothing new, except that every time Russian propagandists with a hangover come up with a new part. This time in the mentioned fake passport of Vanuatu” – said the press service of the party.

“This stupid nonsense is traditionally reprinted corrupt “online fences” in Ukraine. Organized by the shaft lies covers including completely adequate citizens, sowing doubts”, – said in a note.

In a press-service of the “popular front” once again I emphasize: “Yatsenyuk lives and works in Ukraine, his wife Theresa lives and works as a psychologist in a state hospital in Kyiv. Parents live in Chernivtsi. Passports of foreign countries do not have”.

“Be warned: according to the Russian “kiselevschine” and its affiliated media in Ukraine is harmful for health”, – noted in the popular front.