Popular game Apex Legends is coming to iOS and Android

Популярная игра Apex Legends выйдет на iOS и Android

The company Electronic Arts has not made one loud statement during the report on quarterly earnings. The publisher announced that the most popular game 2019 in the genre of “battle Royale” Apex Legends is coming to iOS and Android.

According to The Verge, EA has not revealed any details about what will be the mobile version of Apex Legends.

It is known that Electronic Arts is going to catch up with competing games Fortnite and PUBG that are available on mobile devices and are incredibly popular among players worldwide.

What will be mobile Apex Legends? Mobile version of Apex Legends will definitely be free, like the original version of the game. Also players can expect virtually identical gameplay compared to the original game.

Game trailer Apex Legends – watch the video

Competitors of Apex Legends – Fortnite and PUBG – are renowned for well-optimized gameplay on mobile devices. EA will just have to release similar in quality to the game.

Release date. It is expected that Apex Legends for iOS and Android will be released before the end of 2019.

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