Popular Ukrainian project announced its closure

Популярный украинский проект объявил о своем закрытии

Then the project goes into indefinite leave.

According to the creators and organizers of the project DJ DJ Cider and Wine Cellar, the first “Bottom hands” was conceived as a small party for several dozen friends, such as lovers of music 90-2000’s, as they are

We don’t have anything planned, wrote the script, did the is – apart from a couple of posters in bars, our friends were surprised by the high sales of tickets, well, okay – friends, we have a lot. But how surprised, when the day of the party club with a capacity of at least three hundred people was filled percent on 80 strangers! We were approached to be thanked for such a cool idea and the opportunity to return to those wonderful years! The party was made, to put it mildly, not perfect, but after it we have not received a single bad review! People wrote only nice words and asked: “More!”, – remember the creators of the project.

After that “Bottom in his hands” has turned into a real brand. Within two years the party took place in all major cities of Ukraine. “The bottom is in the hands” is not one of the dozens of parties where the music plays the 90s in fashion treatment, Here all as close to the time – on the walls of the club are posters from the magazine COOL, and the music “DJs winampa” include straight from the laptop and not even the driving, not to mention the remixes.

– We used to be a holiday, with fireworks, something special, but now the fashion in the 90s, flooding the space around, we understand how our party from the long-awaited event is slowly turning into “one of”, it is possible to go between the third and fifth bar. And you can not go at all.. “I’m beautiful,” sang the Roma Beast, a brilliant representative of the era that we are trying to recreate. What we’ll do.

Come and party like it’s the last time you Dec 28, in Kiev club KPoint. The tickets are limited, buy online!

Популярный украинский проект объявил о своем закрытии