Popular women’s the drug is recognized as dangerous to life

Популярный женский препарат признан опасным для жизни

In Germany the popular contraceptive “Janine” recognized threat to health.

Tablets found the substance, which is 1.6 times increase the risk of venous thromboembolism, reported “AIF in Ukraine”.

Medical drug found an increased concentration of oral contraceptive compounds dienoguesta and ethylestradiol. Scientists have noted, these components can cause clogging of blood vessels and the onset of thromboemboli, which leads to heart attack.

Experts explained, the drug is very popular among women of post-Soviet space. Contraceptive “Janine” protects against unwanted pregnancy, normalizes the level of hormones in the blood and does not add extra weight.

However, scientists say that “Janine” is particularly dangerous in the first year of admission.