Poroshenko about the Chornovol: this is a rematch of the Maidan!

Порошенко о деле Чорновол: это реванш антимайдана!

The fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the searches, the investigators RRT spent in the house of the people’s Deputy of the eighth convocation, member of the Maidan Tatyana Chornovil a symbol of the revenge of the Maidan.

As the press service of the party “European solidarity,” Poroshenko appealed to President Vladimir Zelensky demanding to stop arbitrariness, which, in his opinion, discreditied Ukraine in the eyes of the world.

“Today is a terrible symbolism. This means the victory of the Maidan. The victory of the forces of revenge. I think it is very symbolic when the lawyer Yanukovych scours and produces suspicion, and tries to arrest the widow of the hero of the ATO, the mother of 2 children, Maidan activist, who was assassinated. When they release the Berkut fighters, who shot the Maidan and arrest of activists of the Maidan,” – said Poroshenko.

“That’s totally unacceptable. We will not leave this without a response,” – said Poroshenko.

He said that according to his information this case is accompanied by numerous violations of the law.

“From the court, which is considered, is the infamous Pechersk district court, which churns out such decisions, notwithstanding the jurisdiction of the court of Shevchenko for RRT. And concluding the fact, what is being searched, the seizure of belongings, mistreatment of a widow, an activist with the name of the former lawyer of Yanukovych,” – said Poroshenko.