Poroshenko and Kononenko sold “the Smithy on the Rybalsky” for $300 million

Порошенко и Кононенко продали "Кузню на Рыбальском" за $300 млн

Became known the price of the transaction, which took place in 2018.

Ewins Limited company Sergey Tigipko bought Kyiv plant “Smithy on the Rybalsky” for 300 million dollars.

Fund Poroshenko sold 73,90647% stake for $235,785 million, the Fund Kononenko sold 20,128% stake for $64,215 million

The price under both agreements amounted to $93 per share.

“Workshop on Rybal’s’ke” (formerly “Lenin’s smithy”) is one of the main enterprises of shipbuilding industry of Ukraine, which in conditions of external aggression mastered the production of new designs for defense purposes, including a grenade launcher UAG-40, combat modules for armored vehicles, armored vehicles, etc.

In the period 1991-2002, on the capacity of the shipyard built the VSMU Corvette “Ternopil”. Since 2004 started the construction of the project armored Gyurza for the state border service, 2012 – armored “Viper-M” by order of the Ministry of defence, 2016 – landing craft “centaur”.

The main shareholder of the privatized in 1995, the shipyard was previously PJSC “non-Diversified corporate investment Fund “Prime essets Capital” of President Petro Poroshenko. He owns a 73.9% stake. Additional 20.1% stake indirectly controlled by Igor Kononenko (through the Fund “Vic”).

In 2018, “Prime assets Capital” reached an agreement in principle on the sale of plant “Workshop on Rybal’s’ke” company “Event limited”, which is part of the group TAS Sergei Tigipko.