Poroshenko called the water supply to Crimea a betrayal of Ukrainian interests

У Порошенко назвали подачу воды в Крым предательством украинских интересов

The statement of the newly elected Prime Minister Denis Smagala about the resumption of water supply to the Crimea occupied by Russia is a betrayal of the interests of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar peoples, attempts to realize the scenario of the Kremlin in Ukraine.

This was stated by the Deputy of the faction “European solidarity” Nikolay knyazhitsky in comments to reporters. He stressed that the government “took a direct course for betrayal of the interests of millions of Ukrainians living in the occupied territories”.

“The government has embarked on a betrayal of the interests of our brotherly Crimean Tatar people, who are fighting against the aggressor, subjected to constant harassment by the aggressor, together with us, the Ukrainians protest against any support of the aggressor, including support by way of water supply” – said knyazhytsky.

“We will do everything to prevent the betrayal of Ukrainian interests”, – said the representative of “European solidarity”.

At the same time, he noted that the Parliament has formed a new “broad coalition” of representatives of the party Zelensky and opsi.

“We see that after the election the last government and the removal of the Prosecutor General in the Parliament formed a stable majority. Some members of the faction Zelensky did not vote for it, but Zelensky has received support from the “Opposition platform For life.” He received support from so-called parliamentary groups, voting on the basis of their corruption and commercial interests,” he explained.

“This new majority will do everything not just to destroy the achievements of the Maidan, not just to betray those who died on the front Russian-Ukrainian war, not just to betray our brotherly Crimean Tatars, who are worried about what is happening in the country. They do everything in order to bring us up to date, says Putin, the Soviet Union, where there will be no Ukrainian people, because this is not where you will remember about the Crimean Tatars, only when they show them in prison,” – said knyazhytsky.

“We will do everything to prevent such a path of development, which is planned in the Kremlin for our country”, – said the member of the faction.

Kniazhytskyi also said that the explanation of the Prime Minister Smagala, that his words about the supply of water to the occupied Crimea on a talk show accidentally didn’t catch fully, not taken seriously.

“There are no coincidences. The bomb in the same funnel twice as a rule, not falling. Nothing happen such that it would not be logical”, he added.

“Obviously, Zelensky, and we are aware of, and statements of Smagala, and the statements of Arakhamiya not the only application, already had a similar statement Kuleba – stand on the position that we must achieve, as they say, peace at any price. But it is not peace at any price is the continuation of the war at any price”, – said the representative of “European solidarity”.

“Attempts to change the Ukrainian people and go to separate agreements with the aggressor, and these criticisms to the society for water in the Crimea – this is the sign separate agreements with the aggressor, leads to a new deterioration at the front and inside of the Ukrainian society. Because the aggressor Russia does not want any agreements. They really want us to not have”, – said knyazhytsky.

  • Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal supposedly made for the supply of water to Crimea.
  • Later he explained that he meant by his statement.
  • In Parliament Shmigal said that Ukraine will supply water to the occupied Crimea exclusively for the needs of the population, not industry or military facilities.
  • Autumn, 2019 in the Crimea was extremely dry. Within four months the Peninsula was left without rain. Dried up many rivers, reservoirs, shallow.