Poroshenko declared that his two major mistakes in recent years is human resources and communications – kaleniuk

Порошенко признал, что две его главные ошибки за последние годы - это кадры и коммуникации - Каленюк

Running for a second term as the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared that his major mistakes in recent years was personnel and communications. He said this during a meeting with representatives of public organizations on April 6, reported in Facebook, the Executive Director of the Center for anti-corruption Daria kalenyuk.

She reported that Poroshenko supports the need for a reboot of the National Agency for combating corruption and the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office. However, according to her, it supports the activities Director Nationalnogo anticorruption Bureau of Artem Sytnik, although the “have questions to the work of the authority”.

“We also discussed personnel matters relative to [the first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service Sergei] Semochko and [first Deputy head of SBU Paul] Deminy. The President understands the toxicity of these people in their positions. (According to the investigations of journalists Bihus.info have a wife and family Semochko can be Russian citizenship, and he was interested in the shadow revenues of pharmaceutical companies. NABOO opened against it criminal proceedings for illicit enrichment, which was closed in March 2019. Demkino suspected of illicit enrichment, the criminal proceedings against him had been closed. – GORDON). I hope they will fly from their positions in the near future. Well, at least one of them before the elections,” – said kalenyuk.

She noted that at the meeting, which lasted about two hours, invited 15-20 representatives of public organizations.

It was a real dialogue and the President recognized that such meetings and communication with public organizations had to happen sooner kaleniuk says.

March 31, Ukraine held presidential elections. They were attended by 39 candidates. Voter turnout was 62.8%.

According to the data processing by the Central election Commission of Ukraine 100% of electronic protocols, the candidate of a showman Vladimir Zelensky – 30,24% of the votes, incumbent President Petro Poroshenko – by 15.95%. They go to the second round, which is scheduled for April 21.