Poroshenko has received a strong sign before the election: “Get a dog’s life”

Порошенко получил мощный знак перед выборами: "Достала собачья жизнь"

Pooch “poured” all his love.

In Ukraine in full swing campaigning, as early as 21 July, the citizens will elect a new composition of the Verkhovna Rada. In this regard, on every post, on every Billboard and on every channel we can see those who will try your hand at the election. But sometimes the agitation is not as smooth as I would like.

Not so long ago social networks become spread photo of the entire “love” the street pooch is on the face of the ex-President of Ukraine and leader of the “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko. On the square stands a photo of Peter and a friendly dog just celebrating her need.

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“Knows every dog. The signs, they’re everywhere” – reads the caption under a photo.

Ukrainians this frame highly amused and they are in the comments began to discuss this situation:

“That’s right”, “Good dog, meets his team”, “Animals are not mistaken” “That deserved – and got it”, “It’s not a coincidence, but the answer for the robbery of Ukrainians”, “a little dog politically aware. Also, probably, a dog’s life get”, “ay dog boy, noted in the party DOG!”, “Oil painting, just lovely in the morning and this positive” “Even a dog understands who is who.”, “Oh, my, right in the filthy, lying mouth”, “Dog fulfilled the dream of many people,” “you Have to poop”, “sidekick sidekick aiming that at elections not to err, But it’s their party. And as the ship call, so it will float.”

Порошенко получил мощный знак перед выборами: "Достала собачья жизнь"

Порошенко получил мощный знак перед выборами: "Достала собачья жизнь"