Poroshenko is trying to give Groisman be promoted before the election, – Leshchenko – 24 Channel

Порошенко намагається не дати Гройсману пропіаритись перед виборами, – Лещенко - 24 Канал

On the eve of the presidential election for the sake of PR Petro Poroshenko drew the Parliament. To expedite the receipt of Thomas before the election, he promised a generous gift on behalf of the state to deliver Konstantinopolskogo Patriarchate, St. Andrew’s Church.

For this purpose the Parliament on Thursday, October 18, instantly passed a law that was yesterday, says the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko on his blog, “an Honest politician”.

According to the Deputy, in fact, for such transfers to the Ecumenical Patriarch of the law is not necessary. First, the decision to transfer to the use of a specific object of state ownership is the legal act of individual character. And therefore can not be subject to the law which should regulate public relations.

Second, the transfer of specific objects is not the authority of the Verkhovna Rada.

Such a decision should be taken by the Cabinet, but Poroshenko did not want to give a reason for PR to its competitor Vladimir Groisman. And – the vote of the Parliament, and not behind the scenes on the Cabinet that gives additional bonuses for the PR strategy of Poroshenko,
– said Leshchenko.

According to him, such a disengagement Poroshenko from responsibility comes amid frustration among residents of Ukraine and international partners that have rallied around our country in recent years because of the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. According to recent sociology, 70% of Ukrainian citizens believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

In fact, what is happening, has a simple explanation: after the overthrow of Yanukovych’s regime the power in the state seized of policies with the same values as the previous President is a fugitive, but a better knowledge of the English language, – said the MP.

He added that the answer to the question about how to avoid revenge, is not in the plane of the victory of one candidate. In fact, the rematch happens every day, every stolen a million dollars from the budget, the replenishment of which Ukraine requests international assistance in the US and financial organizations. In these circumstances, Ukraine needs not only a new President, but reforms that allow the emergence of strong institutions that will act on all fronts.

The full release of “Honest politics” for 22 Oct 2018


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