Poroshenko lost the debate an empty podium

Порошенко проиграл дебаты пустой трибуне

Desperate to arrange a face-to-face debate with Vladimir Zelensky – the President Petro Poroshenko has decided to conduct the so-called debate solo. Why they happened in the press conference format.

Press conference of Petro Poroshenko is also a very rare sight, almost piece-goods. In the first four years of his reign, on their studiously avoided, and conducted infrequently. When warmed up – after the results of the first round Poroshenko, often in various events involving the media, hoping to drag his opponent – Vladimir Zelensky.

However, the comedian studiously avoids meeting with the wounded, but a strong beast, wisely judging that it is better not to engage in verbal battles with Poroshenko, who on idle chatter dog ate it. Came Zelensky and debate on 14 April at the NSC “Olympic”, which came from the President, a lot of spectators and security.

In the end, Poroshenko debated with an empty table, depicting the presence of see, and also answered the journalists ‘ questions.

And losing the debate.

The fact that no one pointed question, the President did not answer. And some of them openly sat in a puddle.

For example, commenting on Putin’s appearance in its advertising, which has actually called those who did not vote for Poroshenko (recall is 100% – 16%), agents of the Kremlin, the President looked quite pathetic. And his phrase “it’s not what you think” came more naughty schoolboy than a commander in chief.

Further explanation in the style of: time, Putin said I was the worst option, then, is the highest praise – even gives khutoryanskaya syndrome, but also indirectly makes it clear that the opinion of Moscow bald dwarf is the ultimate truth. This fiasco, Peter.

Same with business partner Poroshenko and the godfather Putin Medvedchuk. Attempt to move and to cling to the words, departing from the subject matter is sad.

A statement about the dismissal or the agent of the Kremlin, or simply the thief, corrupt Semochko is good, but why did it happen only now, six months later, after he became aware of his activities?

A lot of promises in style – just select me and tomorrow will these reforms that you all see the light. Honey, everything is fine, but what you were doing five years?

But because the phrase “do not mistake the one who does nothing” – not about Poroshenko, he just did, but not what is promised in 2014. But because people vote for a pig in a poke what is, without a doubt Zelensky, but not for Petro Poroshenko, who had tremendous credibility, but all the strata. In such cases it is accepted to speak – knew all the letters but could not identify the word.