Poroshenko on the summit “Ukraine-EU”: the Declaration is not “Azov sanctions and Nord stream-2”

Порошенко о саммите ''Украина-ЕС'': в декларации нет ''Азовских санкций'' и ''Северного потока-2''

The summit “Ukraine-EU”, which took place on Monday, July 8, in Kyiv, is a positive fact, but its outcome document is not fixed key position in the development of further cooperation of Ukraine with European partners.

This was stated by the fifth President of Ukraine, leader of “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko on air of TV channel “Ukraine”, informs the press service of political power.

Poroshenko noted that there were proposals to hold a summit meeting in December or February next year, however, added the fifth President of Ukraine, he categorically admits that the relations between Ukraine and the EU were big breaks. He also said that the summit signed the documents, which were developed by his team is still a year or two ago.

“The position on the development of the black sea and Azov coast, the support of decentralization is very important for the current work. Positive that is approved by a clear position of support to Ukraine in the war against the aggressor country, the Russian Federation. I am pleased that we have continued the line that was proposed a year ago. We are talking about following the plan of “Eastern partnership” steps “Four unions” – said the leader of the “EU”.

He explained that meant customs, energy, Schengen and tsifrovoy unions that will be useful to ordinary citizens. Poroshenko added that the digital Union offers free roaming in all EU countries, energy is the energy security of Ukraine, and customs and in some cases provide freedom of movement for citizens and goods.

However, as noted by the fifth President of Ukraine, the key agreements have failed to achieve.

“The first thing failed to do is to map out ways of deepening sanctions. There was a statement at the sailors. But we have prepared “Azov package” of sanctions. If Putin does not release them – there must be a corresponding reaction of the European Union and punishment. Sanctions are not instruments of punishment. This factor of pressure on obligations of implementation of arbitration concerning Ukrainian sailors, who were won in accordance with my directives”, – said Poroshenko.

According to him, also failed to ensure that the final Declaration was inserted in the issues of “Nord stream-2”.

The leader of “European solidarity” explained that the initiative “Four unions” need to have not a declarative statement, and step-by-step road map.

“We are ready to help Ukraine, we – statists, and in any case, for us the position of “the worse, the better” may not be acceptable. The program, which provides for cooperation with the EU, requires painstaking actually the clock to which I urge the Parliament and the government and the President. The fact that today we again do not present a United team, is a disservice to Ukraine, a team which should be perceived as perceived by our delegation in PACE”, – says Poroshenko.