Poroshenko persuaded Merkel to send a fleet to the aid of Ukraine: “will not help”

Порошенко отговорил Меркель посылать флот на помощь Украине: "уже не поможет"

Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected the idea of holding the maneuvers in the Kerch Strait

German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected the proposal by Vice-President Mike Pence to hold the ships through the Kerch Strait. This proposal Vice-President of the USA announced on the sidelines of the Munich security conference, which took place in February.

Pence offered Merkel will thus show in front of Putin’s resolve and the strength of the West.

First, the Chancellor promised to think about how to conduct exercises with the French Navy, but later abandoned the idea, citing the position of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

In turn, Poroshenko said that such actions will not lead to concrete positive results, as the goal is not disposable, but permanent access to all ships in the sea of Azov.

Later the ships through the Kerch Strait refused and the French side.

As reported, in the occupied Peninsula are talking about a new problem because of the so-called Crimean bridge

This time the Crimean bridge hit on the annexed Peninsula.

So, because of the praise of Vladimir Putin “project of the century” in Crimea, have shot up property prices.

As noted by the financiers, the growth in the value of existing property in the Crimea has exceeded the Moscow twice. At the moment, the cost of apartments in the secondary market on the occupied Peninsula, the average increased by 14% to 92 thousand rubles per square meter, while in the Russian capital – by 6.9% to 203 thousand rubles per square meter.

Financial analysts attributed the sharp jump in property prices directly with the construction of Crimean bridge.

However, this is not the only problem, which led to praise Vladimir Putin “construction of the century”. So, the launch of the “Tavrida”, which connected the bridge Kerch and Sevastopol in occupied Crimea, was premature, which led to many problems on the road.

As we learned earlier, the Kerch Strait is now heavily guarded Russian military equipment. The Russians, headed by President Vladimir Putin decided to strengthen their forces on the black sea coast. They pulled out of Crimea additional weapons against offenders. Since March 5, announced the press service of Regardie.

According to representatives of Department, in the Black sea sent the boats of the BK-16. They will guard the Kerch Strait. In particular, the vaunted Crimean bridge. According to the press service, warships have successfully passed sea trials in Sevastopol and started on a sea watch.

Порошенко отговорил Меркель посылать флот на помощь Украине: "уже не поможет"

Порошенко отговорил Меркель посылать флот на помощь Украине: "уже не поможет"