Poroshenko ran on a scandal, the Zelensky could not resist: “And remember…”

Порошенко нарвался на скандал, у Зеленского не удержались: "А помните..."

Petro Poroshenko harshly criticized for his sins during a presidential term

On the eve of the Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee of culture and spirituality Irina Podolyak publicly left the Studio of the program “the People vs.”. Blogger Maxim Buzhansky commented on the act policies on his page in Facebook.

“Full Podolyak, or last tango Self. You know, friends, I really and sincerely love Peter and all his BPP. But, the truth W more. So, truly I tell you, never again, the Lord did not create anything, toupee, Self-help, erected this monument to idiocy, unable to surpass itself. And maybe not wanted, because created perfection” – ironically the author.

He noticed that this time politicians behaved unusually quiet. Never even called in style: “select Peter right now, otherwise we suffocation of revedzhuk live”. Irina Podolyak made on behalf of the Association “Self-help”. According to the blogger, she maintains an enviable vitality, because “still did not understand what they’ve lost everything already, it’s not often you see”. Maxim Buzhansky noticed how Irina Podolyak buried his party:

“Irina Podolyak stood mute yellow spot, without any signs of intelligence or even life. Don’t know why, it was beautiful, like the Chinese replicas of Japanese vases, but she decided to talk to her. And recalled like 5 years ago, the Garden decided to show off that his gang – the most honest in Parliament. Immediately after this recognition, the Self-help gang pulled in different directions, and the process is still ongoing. I’m not pathetic and not a pathetic person the most pathetic tone admitted Podolyak, and immediately began to speculate the deaths of the victims of Maidan and shot down five years ago, the plane with the paratroopers. They are also in our list, pathetic she howled, and I was disgusted ad nauseam”.

At the same time, the representative of the party of the President “servant of the people” Sviatoslav yurash reminded of the sins of the former President of Ukraine. According to him, Vladimir Zelensky could come to power thanks to the mistakes of its predecessors:

“Tevjashev hinted that people with no experience it’s a little unsettling.

Disturbingly, it is these, the experience of which 28 years the experiments were deftly strayed yurash”.

After that, Irina Podolyak was gone. “In the street there was a crash and a short howl. Have samasuguses?- I suggested lazily,” writes the blogger. – “Went on hiatus, and I discovered that nobody, nowhere, never seen before Podolyak. Agreed that the chance to see again not, judging by the development of speed, she had to be near the canadian border.”

When a politician is gone, the panelists reminded the Maxim Buzhansky, continued to put pressure on Poroshenko. They said that the former President ended his term very well:

“In the street, something howled. And remember those of squid, whom Peter had driven blunt into the air, longed Apasov. And harshly reprimanded Urasa, very tough, vividly describing what we did to them in the good old days, until they were driven Supreme over the blue mountains with these very hands. Peter A. kind-hearted man, loved dumb and devotees gently reminded Tevjashev, but ended up lousy.”

Порошенко нарвался на скандал, у Зеленского не удержались: "А помните..."

Порошенко нарвался на скандал, у Зеленского не удержались: "А помните..."

Порошенко нарвался на скандал, у Зеленского не удержались: "А помните..."

Порошенко нарвался на скандал, у Зеленского не удержались: "А помните..."