Poroshenko raves: went Under the knife a high official

Порошенко неистовствует: Под нож пошли высокие чиновник

The President Petro Poroshenko in an attempt to catch a train, which went all serious and decided to do an emergency personnel rotation.

Yesterday came under the knife, the Governor of the Kherson region, which is associated with the murder of a local activist Catherine Gandzyuk. The resignation of Andrey Gordeev was appointed as an “at will”, however, as we know, after these long pauses and improvisations from Ukrainian officials do not happen.

Sunday, April 7, actions in a recent match of the President struck the Governor of the neighboring Odessa oblast Maksim Stepanov.

Unlike Gordeeva for Stepanov clear stocks was not – ruled the area from not surprisingly sensibly and can even skazaty successfully. The only puncture Maxim Stepanov were 9% support Petro Poroshenko on the territory entrusted to him in the first round of presidential elections.

This Poroshenko is not easy.

According to Duma, along with Stepanov without a public service were also three Deputy.

The orders of dismissal will be published on Wednesday, after a meeting of the Cabinet, which formally make the presentation.

Recall that Poroshenko after a meeting with activists antikorruptsionera promised to be good and fix it – that is, to dismiss zaccarini officials and security forces of corrupt. As you can see, under the guise of the President also protects those who are not able to provide him a voice.