Poroshenko revenues for the year grew 95 times

Доходы Порошенко за год выросли в 95 раз

Declaration of the President of Petro Poroshenko for 2018 only on the night of April 1, appeared in the registry of electronic declarations. According to data on the income of the incumbent for the goth of yore grew more than 95 times compared to the 2017 year and amounted to 1.6 billion UAH.

In 2018, the total income of Poroshenko amounted to 1 billion 273,8 million 556 thousand UAH. It consists of 1.1 billion UAH of dividends from the company Rothschild Trust Schweiz AG (Switzerland), 400 million UAH of dividends from public joint stock company “Closed non-diversified corporate investment Fund “Prime assets capital”, 28.8 million UAH return by the Ministry of Finance of the cost of acquisition of bonds of internal state loan and investment returns at maturity the government bonds, 21 million UAH per cent of the International investment Bank (IIB), 0.8 mln UAH of income from the alienation of property and 400 thousand hryvnias of a salary.

Also in the Bank accounts of Poroshenko keeps in a jar MIB $ 61 million ( in 2017 was of 25.49 million dollars), 2.3 million UAH, 7 146 EUR 8 032£; Bank Rothschild Bank AG – 427 thousand. Another $ 3.5 million and 1.1 million UAH Poroshenko lent to a third party, in cash, the President’s got 21 thousand and $ 60 thousand UAH.

The Declaration also specified the Mercedes-benz 2010 model year and Jaguar wife’s 2018 release, the car was worth spouses nearly 900 thousand UAH. The family lives in Kozyn, Kiev region in the house area 1331,7 sq. m. Poroshenko owns two land plots with a total area of about 34.4 thousand square meters, and rents from Kozinskaya village Council land area of 7.5 thousand sq. m.

In Kiev, the President has three plots of land and two apartments with an area of 134 and 82 sq. m. Also he has an apartment in Vinnitsa area of 68.2 sq. m.

At the same time, the President last year, spent $ 4.3 million hryvnia to pay for the education, 10.7 million UAH for room 131 million UAH went to the purchase of securities, 2,3 million UAH for the purchase of real estate. For legal services Poroshenko paid 3 million UAH, and 123,5 million UAH spent on advertising.