Poroshenko said that it was he, not Zelensky will sign the language law

Порошенко заявил, что именно он, а не Зеленский подпишет закон о языке

Acting Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stressed that the recently adopted law on the Ukrainian language will have two signatures – his and speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy. According to him, easily last this document, the Parliament would not accept.

On 25 April Parliament by majority of votes supported the law “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language”. For him, in particular, voted 278 deputies. Now the document must be signed by the head of the Ukrainian Parliament Andriy Parubiy and the President.

As stressed, the incumbent Ukrainian guarantor Petro Poroshenko during his visit to Lviv, “the law about the Ukrainian language will be the signature of Andriy Parubiy, who will give law to the President, and his signature, because it is the law to sign”.

As he explained, the fact that the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky said that he will think about whether to sign the document or not. Also, according to him, without Parubiy signing this law would not have happened.

With regard to the position of Vladimir Selskogo on the language of the law, immediately after the first election results, the politician said that the need to protect the Ukrainian language and he will do it. After the adoption of the law, he noticed that it should be carefully analyzed to ensure that it complied with the constitutional rights and interests of all citizens. At the same time, the former entertainer said that now the question lies in the methods by which the Ukrainian language is legalize in the country.

My principled position is that the state should contribute to the development of the Ukrainian language through incentives and positive examples, rather than bans and punishments, complication of bureaucratic procedures, by multiplying the number of officials instead of their reduction,

said Zelensky.

Note that while Britain could not sign the law on language, as in Parliament was at least four of the decision on its cancellation.

“At the next plenary meeting, we without delay consider all of these regulations. At the next plenary Tuesday, we will deliver the resolution for consideration. We will immediately cancel. At that time, will already be fully trained law apparatus. Will all edits are kept. Without delay, I will sign the language law, without delay President Petro Poroshenko will sign the law”, – said Parubiy on April 26.

By the way, even before the adoption of the language law Poroshenko promised to sign it.

“Of course we ensured quotas for Ukrainian language, Ukrainian songs, Ukrainian books, Ukrainian culture in General. But we just do not have enough of the language law. The new law does not mean that we want to “press” or any other language. It sure wasn’t. This law that we have to protect our language. Because nowhere in the world, except for Ukraine, it will not protect,” says the incumbent Ukrainian leader.

What the law provides about the language?• In the Ukrainian language needs to communicate with all civil servants, and for the failure of the law they will be fined.

• Before hiring officials must take a test in the Ukrainian language. For those who don’t know the language at a sufficient level, the government will organize special courses.

• Visitors to food establishments and stores must apply to the Ukrainian. If the client communicates in Ukrainian, it should serve in Ukrainian. If drawn in Russian, no problem to serve it in Russian. Same with English or German, if the staff owns them.

• If language rights are broken, it will be possible to refer to a linguistic Ombudsman or the state foods and consumer service.

• For the systematic violation will be fined.


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Порошенко заявил, что именно он, а не Зеленский подпишет закон о языке