Poroshenko took off his hat with girls in Kiev. Video

Порошенко снял шапку с девушки в Запорожье. Видео

In January 2019 Shary in Facebook declared that it is ready to pay 15 thousand UAH to those who will publicly ask Poroshenko about the persecution of journalists.

Blogger Vasil Muravitsky asked him: “Anatoly, it is our understanding that you promise to all who will ask Poroshenko during a Tomos tour about the persecution of journalists in Ukraine, for example blogger and journalist Sharia, a reward?”

Shary said, “Yes, exactly. At the camera… 15 thousand UAH. Regardless of whether people want them or not, he was going to get.”

In 2014 Shary leads video blog where he criticizes the events in Ukraine after Euromaidan and the current Ukrainian government. He long time was engaged in journalistic activities in Ukraine. After excitation of criminal case against him went to the EU and settled in Lithuania, where he received refugee status. Now lives in the Netherlands.

In July 2017 the people’s Deputy from “popular front” Anton Gerashchenko said that the online edition of the Sharia exists in the secret service money of the Russian Federation. In September 2017, the SBU announced an official warning to supporters of Sharia for anti-Ukrainian activities.

Порошенко снял шапку с девушки в Запорожье. Видео