Poroshenko urged to create a coalition against the Pro-Russian revenge in local elections

У Порошенко призвали создать коалицию против пророссийского реванша на местных выборах

The fifth political party of the President Petro Poroshenko “European solidarity” called on the authorities to create a coalition of Pro-Ukrainian forces and to prevent Pro-Russian revanchists in local government.

This is stated in the appeal of the Central Council of the political forces released by her press office. The deputies noted that for more than a year the team of “ignoramuses and Amateurs” leads Ukraine to Russian influence.

“For more than a year, as over Ukraine is a dangerous social experiment. By delicate manipulation, and gross deception of the people to the helm of the state was the team of the ignorant and the Amateurs, which is not able to grasp the basic basics of management. She confidently leads the country to the dismantling of the state, creeping slipping back into the Russian sphere of influence”, – said in a statement.

“The economy has taken acceleration, tripped and risks to drive the face of the earth” – these words sounded Zelensky eight days before the quarantine and the start of the pandemic. And critically describes the “achievements” of the government. As a consequence, in the social sphere instead of the promised “end of poverty” are dwindling incomes and savings of citizens. Falls the General standard of living, rising unemployment,” noted the MPs.

The letter also States that the formation of single-party majority, the concentration of absolute power in the hands of an inexperienced President, his attempts to create in Ukraine the authoritarian turbo – endanger democracy, rights and freedoms of citizens. According to representatives of “EU”, repressions against the opposition have the same sign, as in the days of Yanukovych.

In addition, the MPs noted that they are also significantly worsened the international position of Ukraine.

“Created by our team coalition in support of Ukraine practically does not function. The principle of “nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine”, which was earlier held all of our partners, now broken. Integration into the EU and NATO remains only on paper. With the connivance of the government or with the participation of its individual members takes place creeping Pro-Russian revenge. A number of representatives of Yanukovych’s regime got the levers of influence on public policy. In the information field of the fifth column operates in the mode of full support and not interfering with the authorities. The Moscow Patriarchate is supported by representatives of the Office of the President. The President and his “servants” do not hide intentions to revise the law on language”, – said in the appeal.

The policy noted that in the process of being closed important reforms, including those initiated by the team Poroshenko decentralization, which has laid a solid Foundation for local self-government.

“In terms of unprofessional actions” of dilatatory comedians “a significant part of the mayor and the heads of the GSS and other bodies of local self-government – became a powerful shock absorber that softens the negative effect of incompetent management of the “Servants of the people.” This was highlighted in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus,” – said in a statement, “the EU”.

Parliamentarians noted that the local elections must become a powerful, if the ship’s foghorn, light, which will make it clear to the servants that their “honeymoon” with the society ended. Country and people need professional managers at all levels.

“European solidarity” as the main opposition force called for the creation of a coalition of Pro-Ukrainian political forces in the deep coordination of efforts at the local elections.

“Support for agreed candidates for the positions of mayors and chairmen if it must protect the community from yet another invasion of Amateurs under the brand of “Servants” and to form a professional local team that can effectively solve the problems facing the communities. The second common challenge is to ensure mutual not opposition Pro-Ukrainian forces in the areas where election the threat from the fifth column. Efforts to minimize the result of the Pro-Russian opzz, and the formation of most local councils to leave this political force on the side”, – noted in “EU”.

The policy noted that the implementation of these tasks is ready for broad coordination with other parties, public organizations and local leaders.