Poroshenko urgently appealed to Zelensky: “Everything will be decided tomorrow”

Порошенко срочно обратился к Зеленскому: «Все решится уже завтра»

The presidential candidate of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has recorded new video, in which he called Vladimir Zelensky come back tomorrow at the NSC “Olympic”

The corresponding video appeared on the page of the Ukrainian President in the social network.

“Vladimir, chat with millions of Ukrainians is more important than a weekend in Paris. Don’t hide from the voters, do not run away from the press, don’t be afraid of the opponent, don’t hang up. Come back, come and talk, finally, with people. Prior to the meeting. Sunday. On the stadium,” he said.

We specify that according to Poroshenko, “everything will be solved tomorrow”, 14 April at 14:00.

As previously reported, representatives of the Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky urged to refrain from insults to each other.

Such a call on Saturday, April 13, was made first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Spring. The interior Ministry said that the Ministry will hold consultations on security measures with representatives of the staffs of both candidates before the debate and the second round of elections.

The task of the interior Ministry will strengthen security measures and increase the number of law enforcement officers.

In particular, if the debates are held at the NSC “Olympic”, the audience urged to be prepared for increased security measures and checks.

Spring also reported that the interior Ministry will hold a series of meetings with representatives of both teams to warn them about inadmissibility of offensive remarks and provocative posters in the side of opponents.

“We urge both political parties to be loyal and tolerant to each other and the main thing – not to destabilize the situation on the eve of the second round of elections,” said Spring.

Порошенко срочно обратился к Зеленскому: «Все решится уже завтра»