Poroshenko wished Zelensky successful presidency and spoke about political plans

Порошенко пожелал Зеленскому успешного президентства и рассказал о политических планах

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he did not intend to retire from politics after his resignation from the post of head of the state, and assured that he will make every effort to continue the integration of Ukraine into the EU and NATO. The future head of state, Vladimir Zelensky Poroshenko wished him luck in office and promised to assist, if the Euro-Atlantic course the new team will be real, not declarative.

“Vladimir Zelensky want a successful presidency. A month ago we were ardent opponents in the election. But tomorrow, as it happens, he will be the President of my native country. The country that I love and in whose future the European steadfastly believe. So may the Lord keeps Ukraine and its new head – helps” – said the head of state in a video address to the nation, which was broadcast on Sunday evening, may 19.

Their decision to stay in politics, the President explained the need to defend the achievements of his term, in particular, rapprochement with NATO and the EU. Have prosencephalon that any posts of his are now not interested as he leaves the highest office.

“Me, of course, concerned that the positive changes, where they exist, have not yet become irreversible. Therefore, based on the office of the President may not retire from politics. Remain it not for a post. In the end, the most high and honorable of them I have already borrowed and higher nowhere to go,” – said Poroshenko.

The President warned Zelensky from the possible weakening or abandoning the Euro-Atlantic aspirations. If the rate on the course of integration into NATO and the EU will continue, Poroshenko expressed willingness to cooperate with a new team and warned that “ritual statements of Pro-European and Euro-Atlantic declarations will not be enough”.

“My duty is with the support of the public, to protect the already conquered in nation building… no one can afford any collapse from course to membership in the European Union and NATO or on the sly to keep him on the brakes…. Need everyday hard work that my team did for five years. This is what as a citizen to demand from the new government, and what is ready to expose her shoulder. As well as not to give descent in case of deviations from the adjusted course. Any attempt – sudden or creeping, explicit or implicit – to return the country to the Russian sphere of influence will receive a resolute rebuff,” – said the head of state.

Poroshenko recalled that he had set his administration the task to submit until 2023 application for membership in the European Union and to action Plan on membership in NATO.

“The strategic goal… remains in force until 2023 to apply for EU membership and obtain the membership action plan of NATO. Only this guarantees the independence and security of each of us. Achieving this goal is the task of every responsible citizen. My – number”, – concluded the President.