Poroshenko’s party holds a rally of solidarity with the people of Georgia

Партия Порошенко проводит акцию солидарности с народом Грузии

The action takes place on independence square in Kiev

On the independence square near the Monument of Independence party activists of “European solidarity” organized a campaign of solidarity with the people of Georgia, who was faced with another attempt by the Kremlin to destabilize the situation in the country. About it reports a press-political force service.

“The events in Georgia, is another attempt by the Kremlin to use its “hybrid” technology in the territory of a sovereign state. A few days ago we saw similar attempts in the Republic of Moldova”, – stated in the message.

“European solidarity” also condemned Moscow’s attempts to destabilize the situation in the former Soviet space.

“We Express our solidarity and support to the Georgian people, which acts against another Russian provocations”, – noted in political force.

Poroshenko recalled that in 2008, Russian troops occupied a fifth of Georgian territory, and in 2014 in such a scenario Moscow invaders annexed the Ukrainian Crimea and gained control over part of Donbas.

“Today in Georgia and Ukraine, the Kremlin relies on a “fifth column” and collaborators, provoking scandals and civil war. Despite the fact that the Verkhovna Rada is a large column of Pro-Russian forces and the new government will bring to Parliament politicians with no experience of government, the Kremlin seeks in the shortest possible time to undermine the situation in Ukraine”, – noted in party.

“European solidarity” says that is the only political force that is able to prevent revenge of Pro-Russian forces not only in Parliament, and in Ukraine.