Porsche Taycan humiliated BMW M8 Gran Coupe on the straight (VIDEO)

Porsche Taycan унизил BMW M8 Gran Coupe на прямой (ВИДЕО)

Two very different German sedan competed in drag racing.

The 4.4-litre V8 chetyrehdverki BMW M8 Gran Coupe performance Competition develops 625 HP and 750 Nm. Two electric motors Taycan Porsche Turbo S show the same 625 HP and 100 Nm more and with activated launch control the impact of short-term increases to 761 HP and 1050 Nm. The difference in power partly kompensiruet the fact that because of the batteries newfangled Porsche already weighs 2295 kg 315 kg more than his compatriot with a conventional internal combustion engine.

Is it enough to acknowledge their competition honest? Alas, fans of the classics, but not close. Since the electric vehicle immediately gives the maximum torque, it can easily pulled ahead at the start. And no chance to catch up with him, the BMW is simply no except on a much longer distance.

Passport BMW M8 Gran Coupe develops 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds – as a less powerful Turbo Taycan. Used-in’s version performs the same exercise for 0.4 seconds faster. It often happens that the electric sports car to lose petrol in maximum speed, but in this case Porsche’s back in front: 260 km/h against a baseline of 250 km/h in the BMW. However, for an extra charge of e-collar M8 can be raised to the level of 305 km/h.