Porsche was fined 500 million euros for diesel scandal

Porsche оштрафовали на 500 млн евро из-за дизельного скандала

About 99 thousand cars did not meet the requirements to the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases

German automaker Porsche in the framework of the “oil” will pay a fine in the amount of 535 million euros. On Tuesday, may 7, said the Prosecutor’s office of Stuttgart, RBC-Ukraine reports with reference to DW.

According to militiamen, about 99 thousand cars with diesel engines V6 and M8 did not meet the requirements for the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases. The group agreed with this punishment.

Provided that the amount of the fine consists of two parts. Large – 531 million euros – group must pay as a compensation for an economic benefit received as a result of manipulation from the exhaust. 4 million Euro will be fine for various administrative violations.

Earlier , the European Commission suspected the German automakers BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler in violation of antitrust laws. The EC believes that the companies colluded to restrict competition in the development of technologies for cleaning exhaust gases of petrol and diesel engines of passenger cars.