Porsche will pay all of its employees at 9700 Euro

Porsche выплатит всем своим сотрудникам по 9700 евро

Porsche has reported the successful completion of the 2018 fiscal year and reported paying a bonus to all employees regardless of position in the amount of 9700 euros.

Payments will receive about 25 thousand employees of the company together with the April salary.

The bonus consists of two parts: the 9000 is a premium for performance, and another 700 – special contribution to pension scheme VarioRente or personal pension Fund.

It should be noted that for the Porsche, which is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group, this practice is not new: in the past year bonus payments made 9656 euros the year before – 9111 euros in 2016 – 8911 euros, and in 2015-m – 8600.

Last year, Porsche has increased the volume of deliveries of new machines by 4% and revenue grew by 10% to 25.8 billion euros.

Previously, Porsche has finally decided to abandon diesel engines.

Porsche выплатит всем своим сотрудникам по 9700 евро