Portugal defeated Serbia in the UEFA Euro 2020, the team has scored six goals: video

Португалия победила Сербию в отборе Евро-2020, команды забили шесть голов: видео

Competitors for team Ukraine in UEFA Euro 2020 Serbia and Portugal held a second face-to-face match. In Belgrade, the Portuguese managed to achieve a positive result, quietly Serbs.

Serbia – Portugal 2:4

Goals: Milenkovic, 68, Mitrovic, 85-Carvalho, 42, Gedes, 58, Ronaldo, 80, Silva, 86

The match in Belgrade began a more aggressive Serbs. In the first minute to open the score could have Tadic, but he shot into the hands of the goalkeeper. After that, the guests took the initiative: Portugal position unsuccessfully attacked. A good chance to score had guests on 38 minutes. Darko Lazovic made a good pass, after which Alexander Kolarov struck in the left corner of the goal. But the ball flew wide.

“The European Brazilians” answered this attack goes wide of the Serbs. After filing in the penalty area by the goalkeeper of Serbia played poorly at the output. Carvalho used his power and sent the ball into the net.

Serbia – Portugal video of the best moments of the first half

After the break to secure the advantage of his team could Ronaldo. Cristiano has performed dangerous free kick, but the ball went just wide of the post Dmitrovich. The inspiration of the reigning Champions of Europe led to the second goal. Hades received the ball near the penalty area of the Serbs, “put” defenders on the fifth point and elegantly outplayed the goalkeeper – 2:0.

The missed goal has forced Serbia to think more about the attack, that is not true of the road: Portugal village on the defensive and waited for a chance to counterattack. In the 68th minute affair returned Milenkovic. The football player of Fiorentina upset the star guests of an accurate shot after a corner – 1:2.

Portugal tried to dry off, total possession, and they succeeded. Serbia without the ball looked extremely bad and had no way of healing by pressing it to select. And on the 80 minute the visitors regained the advantage in two goals. Bernardo Silva brought the shock position of Ronaldo. The star forward took advantage of his chance without any problems. In fairness it should be noted that Cristiano was offside, but the goal was canceled.

Hot balkanites did not give up and at the end of the match was spent exemplary counterattack. Tadic brought the shock position of Mitrovic, he emptied his gun – 2:3. And a moment later Portugal again upset the Serbs. Silva received the ball in the penalty Serbs and struck exactly in the corner. The Serbs did not have time to recoup.

With this victory, Portugal came in second place in group B, where Ukraine stands. Our team for 5 matches-scored 13 points. The chances of the Serbs to withdraw from the group were quite illusory.