Poseur motorcyclists narrowly escaped a head-on collision (VIDEO)

Позеры-мотоциклисты чудом избежали лобового столкновения (ВИДЕО)

In the Internet appeared the video, which shows how two motorcyclists were able to miraculously avoid a head-on collision.

Initially this video was planned to publish in the biker community to show your driving skills motorcycle motor sport fans.

In Pakistan two motorcyclists wanted at great speed to race down the evening road, taking a horizontal prone position on the seats of motorcycles. Exremely during drive were in “a pose of a swallow” with straight legs and arms, and raised elbows.

Initially, the motorcyclists were doing everything synchronously, clearly and effectively. However, they did not realize that the lane drove slowly by the trucks. Riders first went to the middle of the road and then into oncoming traffic. Suddenly they were out of black passenger cars. Fortunately the car was traveling at a low speed.

The bikers were forced to sharply turn the handlebars to the left, thereby withdrawing from a head-on collision. They could then safely travel on, if not were in their seats. Due to the sharp bend riders fly off their bikes.

According to available information, one of the adventurers due to the fall were badly damaged. Despite this, the video turned out great. Experts recommend not to repeat such actions, as it can be life-threatening.