Positive to help you: the Minister of health of the Rostov region are regularly encouraged by their posts

Позитив вам в помощь: министр здравоохранения Ростовской области регулярно радует своими постами

Despite their busyness Tatiana Bykovskaya finds time for blogging.

The definition of “whole life on the Internet” does not fit the Minister of health of the don region Tatyana Bykovskaya. Her work schedule is very full. The day Tatiana has time to look in the subordinated institutions of the region, to hold meetings, to attend official government activities, to hold the selector and make many other important regional medicine cases.

While Bykovskaya every day begins with a post to Instagram, where everyone says good morning and informs about scheduled events. Morning post ends the same: “let’s go!”. And resorting home late in the evening Tatiana will report to subscribers, how it went.

So recently she shared a joyous event that in one day from the hospital was discharged just two triplets. “For the sake of such moments you can tolerate all the hardships and trouble. What luck that was involved in the joy of those families,” she writes.

The next day there was a message: “today Visited with working visit the town of Shakhty. Discussed with doctors all the questions relating to the execution 323 FZ, and after seeing the children’s clinic, which is preparing to overhaul. Thanks to the staff for caring. Once again proved that with equal opportunities, showing initiative and interest, you can do a lot. With such colleagues it is possible to complete the task. Good night, everyone!”.

As a seasoned blogger she skillfully intersperses important moments and events in her personal life. The ability to tell everything is accessible and humorous, made the Minister of health very popular in the Network. Now Bykovskaya more than 12 thousand subscribers, and they are real people. Every post is read by over thousands people leaving their comments. A senior official finds the time to answer questions and wishes of their online audience.