Possible attack: four symptom in which it is necessary urgently to the doctor

Возможен приступ: четыре симптома, при которых надо срочно к врачу

Experts told, what symptoms it is necessary to go urgently to the hospital.

According to experts, there are four main symptoms that indicate serious diseases. Having had them, you need to urgently seek the advice of a doctor. This was written the portal Voice.

Headache. Nate Favini (Nate Favini), doctor of medical Sciences, therapist in San Francisco and the chief medical Director of Forward, says that this symptom can be a sign of bleeding in your brain or stroke. Age is also an important factor, if you start to experience severe headaches after age 50, it is an additional cause for concern.

Sudden loss of hearing. Also, according to the doctor, this symptom can be caused by being hit in the ear of water or the presence of a large amount of earwax. However, sudden hearing loss can also indicate a tumor of the auditory nerve or stroke.

The pain and bloating. Another specialist States that, if in addition to swelling, the person experiences a burning pain in the upper middle of the abdomen, it may mean that you have a stomach ulcer. In addition, pain in the right lower abdomen with bloating may indicate appendicitis.

Dizziness. The feeling of dizziness is often not a big deal. This may mean that the person is dehydrated or has problems with the inner ear that cause dizziness. Thus, severe dizziness may indicate a stroke.