Post in the social network radically changed life for the Ukrainian pensioner

Пост в соцсети круто изменил жизнь украинского пенсионера

Retired in the Kiev subway with a sign-ad “Sew men’s suits” drew the attention of random passers-by, who did not remain indifferent and have posted a post about the 73-year-old grandfather. The message quickly gained more than 10 thousand shares, and now the tailor was invited to work in the Studio.

The skill of Alexander Pozemskogo praised in a new place, and a man with 50 years of experience became a real “treasure trove of information”.

According to the owner of Atelier Xenia Camly already planned to develop with them new models, the organization of workshops.

Poremski in 1969 went to the students of a tailor, sewing pants, suits and coats. The master worked in Kiev with such famous designers, as Mikhail Voronin and Vladimir Nesmiyan.

Grandpa said that for 13 years in retirement, and return to the beloved has become for him a real happiness.

“Suddenly this sentence, where I need to demand my profession and my knowledge,” says Poremski.

Also Alexander Fedorovich admits that the meeting with Kiev in the transition to the metro station “Poznyaki” became fateful for him, and decided to find her and thank his Savior. And then get out with a sign in his hands pushed him to extreme hardship.

As a pensioner there is no social profile, to find the girl he managed again in that transition, and to take the sign down, so you can find out.

“I saw that you are all awesome! I’m so happy that I could help people,” said Olga after the meeting with Poreskim.

“Very cool! This spun. It’s all with your light hand,” admitted a retired fashion designer and agreed on a new meeting to share success.