Postal voting in American elections: what fears trump

Голосование по почте на выборах в США: чего боится Трамп

How will the U.S. presidential election, if in November there will be a second wave of coronavirus? President trump against voting by mail. Experts do not see much risk of fraud.

Many Americans feared second wave of coronavirus. What happens if an epidemic happens again in autumn when the cold weather risk of Contracting the virus increase? And it is precisely at this time – on November 3 – scheduled presidential elections in the United States.

Picture of long queues in front of polling stations can cause concern to many voters – especially given the fact that the United States has also used the voting machines, contact with which is associated with the risk of infection COVID-19. Since the postponement of the presidential elections extremely unlikely, a possible solution in this situation would be voting by mail. But to hold it – not the easiest thing in the third by population country in the world where there are 219 million voters.

Voting by mail is not typical of a majority of voters in the United States

“It’s a matter of logistics and the political will,” says Sheri Berman, a political scientist from Barnard College, an educational institution affiliated with Columbia University in new York. In both these the areas she has enough problems.

Unlike other countries, such as Germany, in most States voting by mail is rare. Only Americans who are in the day of the elections outside the country, it is customary to fill the ballot and send it in the mail. However, in many States, voters who are not leaving the United States on election day can vote at their polling station. The majority of Americans have never considered the possibility of voting by mail. “That’s unusual, so people are concerned that everything goes as it should,” explains Berman.

The President of the United States Donald trump fuels these concerns. He is strongly opposed to the presidential elections in November were held exclusively by sending ballots by mail. The main argument of trump: the risk of fraud in this case is much higher than in conventional voting in polling stations.

Are all voices – regardless of how they are submitted

Thousands of fake ballot papers printed by someone unknown and where the fake names of voters is a real problem that is to be feared? No, says Charles Stewart, founder and Director of the laboratory data and Sciences on elections in famous Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). “What fear (in connection with voting by mail. – Ed.), almost impossible – assured Stewart DW. – Ballots printed on special paper, and all of the signatures of voters equal”.

The same opinion and Sheri Berman: “there is No evidence that the vote by mail fraud will increase. According to her, the other voting methods, such as using common in the United States electronic machines, eventually also not protected from fraud.

Hearing about that until now, votes cast by mail, were taken into account only if they are the result of the election was uncertain, untrue, stresses Stuart. The calculation shall be made for all voices – regardless of how they are received.

In some States you can vote in advance

Sheri Berman of Barnard College, believes that the U.S. President is absolutely specific reason for allegations of fraud when voting by mail. “He did everything that his supporters did not trust the election results. His constant talk of fraud increase the likelihood that people will believe that something is wrong if the results of the November elections will not meet expectations trump,” adds Berman.

The rejection of the trump vote by mail can be also caused by the fact that, under continuously distributed rumors, the people who vote, ostensibly are more supporters of the Democratic party. But for this assertion there is no empirical evidence, says Stewart.

Contrary to Trump some States have approved the procedure for conducting a vote by mail for the November election. Meanwhile, the voters of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii and Utah could previously send your newsletter in the mail. Thus, government agencies already have detailed lists and addresses of voters (in the USA elections are organized by States, not Federal authorities).

You can increase the number of voters who vote by mail

But even in these States will not vote by mail, regardless of whether to come the second wave of the coronavirus or not. “Ballots are sent out to all voters, explains Charles Stewart. – However, if you want, you can also throw them personally into the ballot box (at the polling station. – Ed.)”.

Stewart suggests that States are only now, in crisis because of the pandemic, consider the use of voting by mail, you will not be able to quickly cope with the new system. Not only that, they do not have voter lists with addresses, they also have necessary equipment to pack and send the ballots or handle the flow of ballots already filled out and sent back by voters.

Therefore, the national postal voting at the presidential elections in November, when each voter is automatically sent a newsletter, is, according to Stewart, is unrealistic. One possibility is that States could allow all voters to register in advance to vote by mail and submit an application to receive a ballot. Thus, according to Stuart, “the number of people voting by mail could increase approximately from 5% to 50-60%”.

Голосование по почте на выборах в США: чего боится Трамп

Голосование по почте на выборах в США: чего боится Трамп

Голосование по почте на выборах в США: чего боится Трамп

Голосование по почте на выборах в США: чего боится Трамп

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