Posted a video of the explosion at the military vehicles patrol convoys in Syria

On the morning of Tuesday, July 14, in Syria with the help of an improvised explosive device placed in the vehicle, was blown up by a joint military patrol of the armies of Russia and Turkey.

Video of the incident taken from the cockpit of one of the machines patrol a joint column published in YouTube.

Erosion occurred in the Syrian province of Idlib near the town of Ariha near the armored personnel carrier of the Russian military police and the Turkish armored vehicle. Car bomb damaged an armored personnel carrier BTR-82A of the military police of the Russian Federation and the Turkish armored vehicle BMC Kirpi II. Several soldiers of Turkey and three Russian soldiers were wounded.

In the evening responsibility for the attack took upon himself the formation of the “Kataib Khattab Al-Shishani” (Battalion of Chechen Khattab).